Snapchat: Taking Marketing to a New Level

Today what I am going to discuss is little bit of new concept in the market and a whole new ecosystem has been created with it. You must be thinking, I am here to talk about the digitalization in the past few years and the way we communicate but I am not here for that.

I remember the time I started using my first email account, I was curious to read emails and used to read every single word of the mail received but soon marketers started to bombard the mailbox with promotional emails and destroyed my email box. Then I started using Facebook but soon my timeline was captured by marketers and it was full of sponsored post.

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But for increasing the user experience email companies segregated the tabs for different purposes like Promotional, Social, Personal, etc. which indeed decreased the open rates and also the click rates.

You can think Snapchat to be the first time email today.

Game of Snapchat:

If I talk about all other platforms then the thing missing from all others is attention. To showcase you with the example, we browse Facebook by avoiding the noise i.e. sponsored post, we go to YouTube in order to watch videos and skip the advertisement at the beginning of the video. All the audience is doing is avoiding the noise which in fact, reducing the marketing power of brands.

This brings the concept of Snapchat, which wins the bet by offering its unique proposition of holding the content on the screen of the mobile phone for few seconds which makes it unique among the other platforms available out there. Snapchat is one platform where a user actually sees your post. This is the attention game of Snapchat.

Targeted Audience:

Snapchat is currently gaining popularity and is a favorite spot for youngsters of age 13 to 34 years of age.


Snapchat Stats Via Survata

Why Snapchat is the best Platform for any Marketer?

Snapchat is the best platform for marketers in the following ways:-

  • It has a user base of 100 million people.
  • Nearly 700 million snaps are shared every day along with 500 million Snapchat Stories.
  • Only 2% of the marketers are using the platform which makes it the less noisy platform in the market.

My verdict is that with unique proposition Snapchat is exclusive product in the market which is a masterpiece of creativity currently on the Internet and if used correctly can prove profitable for every marketer.

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If you are using Snapchat then how do you use it, please share your experience in the comment box below. Any type of queries or suggestions are most welcomed in the comment box.

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