Secret Recipe of Viral Marketing

People always ask me what is Viral Marketing and not only that but also how they can do Viral Marketing which can give them maximum brand awareness. Today’s article is all about understanding the recipe of Viral Marketing.

Viral marketing

Word-Of-Mouth Via

Viral Marketing is a kind of marketing technique via which you can maximize your brand awareness which ultimately leads to increase in the number of sales. This is the same process as the Biological Virus do in our body.

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Viral Marketing is triggered through two ways. First is usually done via word-of-mouth and second one is via a special marketing strategy which aims at delivering value to the customers so that customers can share the article or anything in their own network. The 2nd strategy works on the basic principle of marketing that “A Satisfied Customer Sends many other”.

1.) Viral Marketing Vs Word-Of-Mouth

Generally Word-of-Mouth is initiated when we are purely satisfied with the product. I would like to say that the duration of Word-of-mouth is little less because it involves the conversion.

On the other hand, Viral Marketing follows the pattern of rapid multiplication just as a virus. To ensure that our Viral Marketing campaign succeed, People should be able to relate to that specific thing and should derive some value out of it.

Viral marketing

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Many people out there think that Viral Marketing and Word-of-mouth are the same thing but they are very different from each other. Word-of-Mouth is a type of process where Marketer performs some activity and then it is completely dependent upon the customer that he will tell it to anybody else or not. Viral Marketing has been derived from the Word-of-Mouth, but it has grown stronger and more reliable over a period of time.

In Viral Marketing, Marketer communicates something and then his audience base share it among their friends, Let us assume 5 people share to another 5 after receiving the stuff. Then each individual of those 5 people share to other 5 people and so on. This way the chain will grow huge just like the virus replicates itself.

For doing Viral Marketing effectively, a Marketer should understand his user behavior and browsing habits.

2.) Rules Of Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a combination of many strategies and there are 6 fundamentals which every marketer should be aware of before making any strategy related to Viral Marketing.

  1. Add value to the audience base you are targeting.
  2. Remove the glitches in sharing your stuff.
  3. Your campaign should be scalable.
  4. Try to touch their emotions and tap the behavior.
  5. Leverage your present resources and communication networks.
  6. Take the benefits of other’s resources.

3.) Secret Recipe of Viral Marketing

  1. Always use a proven formulae or what already have worked for others.
  2. The content should be crisp and clear, should grab the attention of the user otherwise the content will be just scrolled through.
  3. The headlines should be numbered to gain the trust of the user.
  4. Insert relevant links which may add extra value.
  5. Add the maximum stuff you can add in a small space so that user could get everything under one hood.
  6. Take out a current and buzzy topics which is right now in trend.
  7. Spread the word of mouth in your circle.

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I can guarantee you that if some of the above secrets are taken into application then you could add the title of viral marketer to your profile. If you know any other strategy then you are free to share with us in the comment section below.

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