Email Marketing: Increase your Email Sign-Up rate by 800%

I have attended many conferences and seminars of Email Marketing and what I learnt in all of them is that “Money lies in the List”. When I started blogging in October 2014 then I never used to collect emails and thought that It’s a waste of time and effort to collect emails. After attending so many seminars and workshops, I came to know that how much money I have lost.

Some time back I also noticed that my returning visitors are only 12% and rest of them are new visitors. What this means is that I am losing majority of my traffic. Think if we can collect their emails when they are about to leave our website and then later on can bring them back to our website in order to gain extra traffic, this way we can also regain our lost traffic and earn extra money as we have won their trust.

With this, you can also  promote your affiliate links to earn big bucks.

MailChimp Email Marketing Service

I first began using MailChimp and made a huge list of subscribers but ended with a tragic end as my account got suspended for promoting the affiliate link of PeerFly. Though I used the free service but at last I paid a huge price.

Email Marketing

I requested them many times to give me my Email list, but they already finished dumping it. So, what we can conclude from this story is that MailChimp Hates Affiliates.

Aweber Email Marketing Service

After getting my account suspended I heard of the Aweber which is regarded as the best email marketing service in the industry. I signed up for Aweber.

After using Aweber for about 3 months what can I say about it is one word that is AWESOME. Be its Interface or the timing and responsiveness of the autoresponders or the form integration facility in the lead magnets, only one word comes out of the mouth WOW. I can assure you that in Aweber email marketing service your account will not get suspended because of sending the affiliate links because Aweber Loves Affiliates.

It also has the Double-opt in option which is like a life saver for every email marketer as it helps fight the spam people usually do.

Aweber email marketing service comes with a free 30 day trial period and you need to enter the credit card details but don’t worry you can cancel it anytime before the 30 day period completes. Then the pricing will be $19 with 500 subscribers.

Email Marketing

Aweber Email Marketing

First thing will be to understand the whole platform and try to set up the lead magnets with Aweber. What you will notice after some time is that the sign-up rate is very low. I used the Aweber Sign-up form plugin. So, next step will be to optimize the sign-ups and increase the list size.

Increasing the Sign-up rates with Pop-up Domination

What I learnt from one of the workshop held at New Delhi. If you want to drastically improve the sign-up rates of your website and be the king of email marketing you urgently need a tool called Pop-up Domination. I have been using the Pop-up Domination tool from quite a long time on my other websites and what I can tell from my personal experience is that it is a wonderful WordPress plugin which will generate a good looking and attractive pop up for grabbing the attention of the visitor, asking them to subscribe to my Email list.

Email Marketing

This way I increased the email opt-in rate to 78%. If we see, it is clearly 800% increase in the list building rate. I used Aweber and Pop-up Domination together and was able to generate a revenue of $100 in 30 days which is enough to pay my Aweber Email Marketing Service bill for several months. I now get new subscribers every day using this Pop -up domination plugin.

From my personal experience, I can say that building a list is very important for your business and also or keeping your online presence.

Templates of Pop Up Domination


Email Marketing

Template 1

Email Marketing

Template 2

You will get about 36 more templates bundled with the purchase.


What can I conclude is that Aweber is an amazing and very reliable email marketing service with a very competitive price, Which when combined with Pop-up domination which is priced at $ 47 gives you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Don’t think about it initial money as this can be recovered within 10 days. Lots of people ask me the gateway of entering the world of email marketing and affiliate marketing. This is the way to go.

If you have any queries or want to ask anything about purchasing the above tools then you can comment below in the comment section 🙂

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