Do You Want to get More Profits?

Of course, we all need more profits. Who would say No to money.

But the question which comes to mind after that is HOW? There are almost unlimited number of methods and every method has a whole different level of complexity. Don't forget those complex funnels. . . Ahh

If you have discovered a method then there again arises many questions How to do SEO for that? How to make Sales Pages? How to design funnels for it?​

​You know there are almost 200+ factors that are specified by Google to focus on for ranking higher in Google search engine. How to know which one to focus first and which one to be left for later on?

To be honest, it is nearly impossible to focus on all the factors of SEO. We merely focus on some which have always worked for us.​

Before I say anything else, I would like to show you some of my income proofs from JVZoo account. ​

Utkarsh Wadhwa Income
Utkarsh Wadhwa Income

YES - That's my income which I make per day. That is income only from one account. I have multiple streams of Income flowing in.

Now, let's come to the point. If I can generate those income for myself then I could do it for you too.

​Keep Reading. I have more proofs. I am not only good at generating sales but also at making Viral Facebook Pages. One of my page Chronicles of the Minions gone viral using some crazy strategies. Below is the screenshot of the last 28 days stats of my Facebook page:-

Utkarsh Wadhwa Stats

​I also run a technical blog which is counted as one of the top blog in the Web Security niche. Below is the screenshot of the Google Analytics stats of my site

Utkarsh Wadhwa

If you think that is awesome, just look at the below screenshot of the Google Search Engine. "Hacking Web Cam" is the most competitive and tough to rank keyword in this niche [Ranking #3]. 

Utkarsh Wadhwa

Can you imagine I'm ranking high for "Hacking CCTV", These are some of the dream kinda keywords in this niche which everyone want to rank for. 

Utkarsh Wadhwa

From doing all these things, I have gathered so much confidence that I can generate sales, flow in qualified traffic, make affiliate funnels and do much more literally in any niche. 

​I do what I am good at that is helping people succeed in Digital Marketing. Lots of people who I have helped say I'm a Sales Person. But honestly, I hate that tag. 

​What I think is, I'm a Tech Geek - I'm a marketer who keeps on testing to innovate something new. I like helping people.

Let's see what some of the people I've helped say about me:-

Utkarsh is one person who I know is a Hard Worker. He came across as a Social Media enthusiast in my first interaction with him. I have seen him & his business growing very quickly since. Wish you All The Best for all your Future Endeavors.

Saurabh Bhatnagar
Founder at Geekotech Inc.

Utkarsh helped me to setup the online presence of my business. That indeed helped me to grow my Resort business to $500,000 and that figure is still climbing!

Sanjay Sarin
Director at Queens Meadows

I have known Utkarsh for almost 4 years. I learned many new things from him and he helped me take my income from $100 to $10,000 per month. I can only say one thing that he is a "Jack of all trades" when it comes to Online Marketing. Kudos to you bro!

Vivek Tomar
Founder at Account Cleaner

Utkarsh developed strategy which helped me in driving tremendous sales using guerrilla marketing tactics. This helped me in taking my sales to $89,000 per month.  

Mr. BK
Owner at Kiddies

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