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Each and every business who wants to increase their online presence needs a website for reaching out to their audience on the web. Website is the most popular and most effective way of drawing out a slew of customers and audience and selling your unique proposition to them. Obviously the people who want to start a new website needs a Web Hosting Service for storing their stuff (files and folders) on the web. Don’t worry with Cpanel hosting the process will a cake walk.

Basically, Web Hosting is for the sole purpose of storing our website data in the web space. But you know what is the most difficult task in the whole process? Guess. Yeah, You are right it is choosing out the best and reliable web hosting service that will provide us practically 99.99% up-time. Web Hosting offer different plans for different requirements of the people like the amount of web space, Monthly payment or annual payment, single website or multiple websites, Number of emails, etc.

Web Hosting Services has different types of hosting like the shared hosting(or Cpanel hosting), Virtual Private Server(VPS Plans), WordPress Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. When you will look into the plans of these hosting providers then you will notice that they provide very limited features in the started plans and increase tremendously in the higher plans. For a starter, I think base plans will be good but do ask them about the number of concurrent visitors the plan can handle and then look into the simultaneous visitors on your site. That way you can get the best out of your hard-earned money.

Today I am going to tell the web hosting which will not only benefit the newbie but also the people  who are into this from quite a long time. cpanel Hosting

It really does not matter what type of business you are into or how much is your requirement. This Cpanel hosting provider has something or the other for every business. HostGator has packed its plans for everyone from rookie to the advanced webmasters. They offer very reliable and competitive pricing and have the very good customer support. Dedicated hosting provided by HostGator is one of the best in the market and can’t be compared to any other hosting provider. For any hosting provider, Customer support is very crucial. BlueHost is another one to provide a rocking customer support.

If we jump into the money-back promises then HostGator provides a whopping 45-day guarantee.

1.) Shared Cpanel Hosting

HostGator shared Cpanel Hosting has 3 plans called by the name Hatchling, Baby, and Business. I am sure for someone new in this field will get a headache thinking which one to choose. The Hatching plan which is starting at $4.52 per month will offer you Unmetered bandwidth that being common to all the three plans. In this plan, you will also get a shared SSL Certificate and you can host a single domain in this Cpanel hosting Plan. Next being the Baby Plan which comes with a starting Price of $6.47 per month and the addition is only that you can host multiple domains under this Plan. The third is Business Plan which is starting at $9.72 per month and the thing which comes extra in it is the Free Private SSL and a Dedicated IP which is not there in either of the two.

Shared Cpanel Hosting

 Shared Cpanel Hosting

HostGator will push you really hard to choose the 36-month partnership with them and will provide you heavy discounts for convincing you. My recommendation would be to go for the 1-year hosting plan as your mind may change from time to time and next year some other hosting might be at the top with lesser rates.

Check Out the Shared Hosting on Hostgator here.

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2.) HostGator VPS Plans

They offer really good Linux-Based hosting plans starting at $11.97 per month. This is the best option for the people whose businesses are in the growing stage and expect a higher traffic and don’t want to pay hefty amount for the dedicated hosting then this option is good to consider.

The first and most basic plan in the VPS is Snappy 500 which offer 0.5 Core CPU with 512 MB of RAM, 25 GB of Hard Disk Space, 500 GB Bandwidth, and 2 IPs While Snappy 8000 being the most advanced Plan with 4 Cores CPU, 8 GB of RAM, 240 GB of Disk Space, 3 TB of Bandwidth, and 2 IPs.

VPS Cpanel Hosting

VPS Cpanel Hosting

These VPS Plans are really flexible. See to it while buying that the Plan is Managed or Semi-Managed as the Managed comes under the category of Cpanel hosting. On the other hand, Semi Managed is not a Cpanel hosting which might cause issues for non-technical users.

Check out the VPS Hosting here.

3.) Dedicated Server Plans

The Dedicated server packages start with $105 per month and at this price it is pure value for money. At this point of time, I should say that HostGator is a perfect deal and your way to go.

This dedicated server package comes under the category of Cpanel hosting just as shared Cpanel hosting which offer ease of use for the users. The basic pack comes with Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.3 GHz (4 threads) processor, 4 GB RAM, 10 TB bandwidth.

Dedicated Cpanel Hosting

Dedicated Cpanel Hosting

HostGator comes with the variety of OS options which is not common in Dedicated Cpanel Hosting and completely crush its competitor Dreamhost in this race.

Check Out the Dedicated Hosting Plans –

Other Features of HostGator Cpanel Hosting

HostGator is a hosting provider that never disappoints anyone and now the features that this hosting has will impress you even if you are not impressed by the above features.

a.) Email Management

From my experience in this field of 1 year, I would say that there is no point in having web presence if your visitors can’t contact you. Am I correct? HostGator has some good news for you because it offers email accounts right from the start and I like the fact that it has a password strength meter and also has the features like setting mailbox quotas. For setting up of the email accounts you just need to fill a small form and you are set to move on.

Email Support

b.) E-Commerce Tools

Mojo Marketplace is one of the best Marketplace in the HostGator Hosting where you will find many good email marketing tools. My recommendation would be to give a look on these goodies in these Marketplaces to get an idea of the trends in the market and then you could judge from where you want to buy them.

There are e-commerce packages like Magneto which is regarded as the most powerful and tough platform for building an E-commerce store. Let me tell you that big e-commerce stores are build on it because you need proper resources and manpower for Magneto. The most fun part is that you can build Magneto E-commerce store just within few hours with the drag and drop interface included in this Cpanel Hosting.

c.) Tough Security

The business plan of this Cpanel hosting provides the dedicated private SSL certificate with a dedicated IP while in the Hatchling plan you will get the shared SSL. You will see that my website is also This is a dedicated SSL with a dedicated IP address.

When we create an account in the HostGator we are prompted for a 4 digit pin for protecting billing information. I expected a lot more from them because 4 digit number are easy to break by brute force attack. Nothing to worry upon 4 digit pin is also OK.

d.) Customer Support

One thing that I can bet on is that HostGator has the best customer support in the market of Web Hosting and BlueHost being the second best.

I personally tested the 24/7  phone call support and the Live chat. Just one word for that is AWESOME.

Customer Support

I contacted them at 09:00 AM on a Monday morning for transferring my WordPress site and I was very satisfied with the kind of instructions they gave. HostGator is into the hosting market from quite a long time and has developed a wide knowledge base from transferring your website to DNS propagation problems.

e.) Ease Of Use

HostGator is the hosting provider that offers 1-click installs which makes WordPress blog setup a breeze. This Cpanel hosting offers quite a unique proposition and a very robust environment making it a popular choice among the people. I like the dedicated hosting department of the provider.

Check out the Hostgator Website.

Tell me in the comments below that which Hosting Service you use or planning to use and WHY?

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